Handmade pottery and jewelry. Uniquely handmade porcelain and stoneware, glazed in our own formulas. Each piece a one of a kind, just like you!

Welcome to Porcelain Fire. Makers of high-quality ceramics since 1978.

Our spontaneous life and spirit is reflected in our designs and creations.
Most of our creations are made from Porcelain or Stoneware clay. Our goal is to make high quality items that are enjoyable to use, they are pretty to look at and durable to last.
We formulate our own glazes and fire most of our wares using a gas kiln in a reduction atmosphere to a very high temperature allowing for a strong product and unique glaze effect. We also fire some of our work in an oxidation atmosphere depending on the desired glaze effect.
All from the Earth, Made by Hand, finished in Fire.
Thank you for shopping with Porcelain Fire. We hope you enjoy your finds as much as we enjoy making them. From our Hands to your Home.

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